February - May, 2024:  Rehearsals took place (see updated PHOTOS page) to play what could (?) be our last gig (at least for a long while) on Saturday May 11, 2024 at Carousel Lounge playing 2 sets featuring selections from all 3 of our albums! Go to our SHOWS page for more information or go to the Facebook event page.

February 14, 2024Prog-Scure (a weekly prog-rock show on featured our 26 minute ‘epic’ piece from our debut album Welcome, Humans. Listen to the PODCAST HERE (scroll to the Prog-Scure Special: Just Winging Epics #32. The introduction to "Late for Dinner" begins at approximately 2:09:55).

November 12, 2023The Prog Mill (a weekly prog-rock show on Radio) featured an "audio review" by guest David Edwards of The Progressive Aspect, in which David featured 2 tracks from Time and Other Delusions. Listen to the November 12 PODCAST HERE (our portion at the top of the 2nd hour between 1:02:10 - 1:25:17).

June 24 & July 1, 2023Terra Incognita (a weekly prog-rock show on Quebec City's CKRL-FM) played "Alternate Life" on the June 24 program and the following week on July 1, devoted an hour of the program to feature 2 tracks from each of our three albums. Listen to the July 1 PODCAST HERE (our portion is in the 2nd half-hour (middle) of the program between 0:30:10 - 1:30:20)

May 5 through June 9, 2023:  Our latest album Time and Other Delusions climbed to No. 11 in the Gagliarchives Top 20.

May 29, 2023:  The initial pressing of our latest album Time and Other Delusions, sold out - thanks to orders from direct buyers and resellers.  But, more are on the way! Thanks all!

May 20, 2023:  Prog radio show La Filiere Progressive (The Progressive Sector) kicked off their program with 3 consecutive tracks from our latest album Time and Other Delusions.  To hear the podcast, go here, scroll down, and press the play button.

May 18, 2023: Closer to the Edge (a weekly prog-rock show on Asheville NC's Asheville FM 103.3) played "Timeline". 

May 6, 2023Game of Prog (on featured 4 tracks from Time and Other Delusions,. Listen to the podcast here..

April 22, 2023:  We had our first gig in nearly a year on April 22 at the KOOP Radio Spring Membership Drive Wrap Party and Earth Day Celebration at The Far Out Lounge.  For more information, and future gigs, see SHOWS.

April 19, 2023: Time and Other Delusions is now available through multiple CD resellers and digital providers.  See STORE and our Hear Now page.

March 17. 2023: We are excited to announce that we've just released our new third album Time and Other Delusions on Basement Avatar Records.. Listen and buy now (download or CD) directly from us on Bandcamp. CD also available through select resellers.  Digital distribution also available from the usual popular providers, summarized on our and our Hear Now page.

Sept. 2022 to present: The band resumed rehearsals with returning original guitarist Joe Funk! 

June 2022 to Feb. 2023:  We are finishing and mixing the third album, planned for release in the spring of 2023.

May 2022: We played our last gig with Brett who moved back to Massachusetts. (See PHOTOS and SHOWS)

April 2022: We returned to the stage for our first gig in two years. (See PHOTOS and SHOWS)

2021-2022: We worked on the third album which will be the first album with the full involvement of guitarist Brett and keyboardist Bob,, and will be yet another progression into new territory. 

September 2021: Mick and original band guitarist Joe released an album under the name of Pantomime Horse.  Information and audio from their album "Rotating Knives" can be found on Pantomime Horse Facebook and Pantomime Horse Bandcamp

January 2020: We returned to the stage for two shows - our first gigs with Bob! (see PHOTOS and SHOWS)

Sept. 2019: New keyboardist Bob Villwock!  Bob is a seasoned player, who is as enthusiastic about Rush, as he is Chick Corea.  Such musical breadth, along with his obvious skills as a keyboardist and good-natured personality made Bob a natural choice.  See "ABOUT" and "PHOTOS". 

June 2019: Second album, Our Own Sad Fate was released on June 7, 2019, on Basement Avatar Records (see Electronic Press Kit).  Available on CD with 8-page booklet, lyrics & album credits, as well as digitally (see STORE).  This album features the band in transition with guitarist Joe & second keyboardist Bruce (who both departed before the album was completed), guest vocalist Rick (on one song), and briefly returning keyboardist Thad + new guitarist Brett (teaming up on one song).  Reviews: Our Own Sad Fate has garnered quite a few glowing reviews. See REVIEWS and LISTEN via Bandcamp here.

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Previous events

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 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Thirteen of Everything will play 2 sets of selections from all 3 albums at The Carousel Lounge! Be there! Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) KOOP Radio Wrap Party + Earth Day Celebration (feat. Thirteen of Everything @3pm) The Far Out Lounge and Stage, Austin, TX The Far Out Lounge and Stage, Austin, TX
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Thirteen of Everything plays 2 sets of progressive rock! Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) "Third Sat from the Sun", featuring Thirteen of Everything (9pm) + Obnosticon & Starmind Ceremony Indian Roller Boutique Roadhouse, Austin, TX Indian Roller Boutique Roadhouse, Austin, TX
 —  — A ProgRock Jubilee at One2One One-2-One Bar, Austin One-2-One Bar, Austin
 —  — Progressive Rock Night at The Townsend (2 bands: Thirteen of Everything & StarMind Ceremony) The Townsend, Austin The Townsend, Austin
Thirteen of Everything + Crocodile + StarMind Ceremony One-2-One Bar, Austin, Texas One-2-One Bar, Austin, Texas
Voyager Fest Showcase Kenny Dorham's Backyard, Austin, TX Kenny Dorham's Backyard, Austin, TX
A Stonehenge Christmas Carousel Lounge , Austin, TX Carousel Lounge , Austin, TX
Third Sat from the Sun Nomad Bar , Austin, TX Nomad Bar , Austin, TX
Farewell to Joe Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX
Voyager Festival Spiderhouse Ballroom, Austin, TX Spiderhouse Ballroom, Austin, TX
Thirteen of Everything + The Aaron Clift Experiment + Seven Circles + Black Ladder Lucky Lounge, Austin, TX Lucky Lounge, Austin, TX
Thirteen of Everything + The Aaron Clift Experiment + Invincible Czars Carousel Lounge , Austin, TX Carousel Lounge , Austin, TX