New Album AVAILABLE NOW: "Our Own Sad Fate"

"Our Own Sad Fate" was released on June 7, 2019, on Basement Avatar Records.

Available on CD (with 8-page booklet, lyrics & album credits) from Wayside Music, Laser's Edge/LaserCDCD BabyBandcamp and Waterloo Records in Austin. Outside the U.S. the CD is available from Garden Shed in Japan and Just for Kicks Music in Germany.

Available digitally from CD BabyBandcamp and other major digital platforms.

Each track has it's own flavor, but here's a taste: 

Reviews of "Our Own Sad Fate":

 “Our Own Sad Fate is the first real musical surprise of 2019. ...entertained me from start until finish. Never a dull moment or a weak musical passage. It's all there for a true lover of progressive rock. This album really made my prog heart beat faster”  – Henri Strik,

“... tempo and mood shifts, complex arrangements, and soaring guitar solos sound effortless. amazing and outstanding album that you must experience for yourself.”  – Henry Schneider,  Exposé.org

“… visionary sound… ...complex scores…  ...melodic lines.  ...instrumental phrases of outstanding beauty.  ...kaleidoscopic parts, gentle melancholy passages alternating with electric lashes and intriguing rhythms.  – Giancarlo Bolther,

“…contrasting elements and clever use of subtle alterations and changes to create and maintain tension. ...magical moments too.  ...a solid jewel this one."  – Progmessor,

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